Transform your teams into the


that your restaurants & your guests deserve.

What if…

the demands on your time & stresses were reduced, allowing you and your management to concentrate on optimizing operations and growing your bottom line?

What if…

you could increase your sales while reducing not only your labour costs, but the activities associated with recruiting, training & maintaining your team?

What if…

your serving teams gained the expertise to increase sales, build better rapport with guests, provide exceptional service, reduce complaints and dramatically increase guest satisfaction and your repeat business?

“An inordinate ability to get through to people, and to get the most from them in an efficient, sincere and respectful manner.”

-Andrew Laffey, Restaurateur

Implementation is the key!

The Restaurant Coach

If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

The Restaurant Coach recognizes that solutions are simple but not easy, and the key is in getting things conveyed from the top.  Restaurant owners, directors and managers have ongoing goals that are discussed regularly and dominate the conversation at management team meetings. Still, in most cases and on certain issues, weeks, months and even years pass without significant changes or improvements. These conversations are often focused on:

1. Increasing sales
2. Improving customer service
3. Controlling labour costs
4. Reducing staff turnover

The biggest reason things seldom change or improve significantly with regard to sales and service is failure to recognize that our most significant actions will be performed by our serving teams, and we can only be effective through them!

With The Restaurant Coach, you’ll become a great coach to your people that look to you for direction.  You’ll gain leverage through your teams and new perspective on increasing sales while providing exceptional service on a per table basis.  You’ll learn how your serving teams can be making more money for your restaurants and for themselves, which will also lead to a higher level of employee retention, reducing your turnover related training costs.

The Restaurant Coach helps you coach your management teams and your serving teams to achieve excellence through taking full ownership for the sales & service they provide to your guests.  The result will be the success of your restaurants running hand in hand with the success of your people.  In other words, your success must be in sync with theirs.

Increase sales, without spending additional money on advertising, while maintaining or even lowering labour costs and improving employee retention?  Is this really possible?

It really is. So, what are you waiting for?

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