Scott Redmond

The first important thing about this course is team building skills. It's important to learn to work well with others as a team. When working in a restaurant we are all working together to get the same job done and that is to please the guest. Make them have the best experience that they could possibly have. The second thing is becoming a great sales person and learning to build sales. By learning how to upsell that appetizer or dessert with a cappuccino helps your sales at the end of the day. More money for the restaurant, more money in the severs pocket and again the guest has a great experience.

Randy Sumeraj

I'm a career server with over twenty-five years of experience, but this program reminded me of something really important - there's always more to learn. The atmosphere was comfortable, with lots of feedback and opportunities for input, and I came out of it with new insight into my craft. The lessons are practical, hands-on, and fun! I can truly say that since finishing the program, my check averages have improved, and so has my relationship with my guests.

Andrew Laffey

“Brings great value due to innovative & strategic thinking”

“The trainer’s trainer”

“Inordinate ability to get through to people, and to the get the most from them in an efficient, sincere and respectful manner.”

“Average guest check between 10% & 25% higher than top tier servers”

“Implemented strategies to reduce problematic costs & lowered costs significantly.”