Restaurants need help now – no ifs, ands or buts about it.  The Canadian Restaurant Industry needs help now from government in the form of relief and support.  Regardless of the role you play in the restaurant you work in, or, if you work in a related business that is directly connected to the restaurant industry, post/share your story online using the hashtag #OneTable.

You may also find the website a helpful resource.  Click on the link below to the website and you’ll find:

  • A Restaurant Closing Task List in the event that you have to temporarily close your restaurant
  • There is an excellent checklist for security walk-throughs and regular inspections & visits for insurance purposes
  • Visitor sign-in sheets to keep track of anyone that needs to be on the premises at any time
  • Guides for cleaning stagnant beverage lines & machines
  • A National Beverage Distribution & Returns Policy Guide
  • Links to updates on The Public Health Agency of Canada, Revenue Canada, Service Canada (including EI information), a guide to apply & hotline (1-833-381-2725)
  • Links to Restaurants Canada & related COVID-19 Information and to SaveHospitalityCA, a coalition drawn memo to government lobbying for much needed relief & support
  • There is also list of helpful FAQs

Restaurants Need Help Now

This is a crisis of great magnitude that none of us have experienced before.  We need everyone to come together and please checkout the website at .   Thank you to those that have put this together.