Calvin is a dedicated professional hospitality coach, consultant & advocate. He believes that mutual trust & respect are the keys to exceptional service, based on over 35 years of experience in service to the public.  In addition to a strong commitment to excellence & continued learning, he is committed to raising the level of profit, productivity and professionalism in your restaurants, and to serving you at the highest level. Calvin has always found great reward in training & coaching others and is determined to share his strategies, which will have a dramatic impact on your sales & service success, growth & achievement.


To Restaurant Owners, Managers & Serving Teams

  • To achieve service excellence while maximizing sales and profitability
  • To have your teams achieve a higher proficiency in their communications, doing so more genuinely and naturally with guests and each other
  • To create leverage for owners and managers, reducing daily pressures & stresses, and creating a more positive and productive work environment for everyone

I have been involved in the hospitality world from the age of 18, serving the public and managing high volume restaurants, bars & nightclubs. One thing that has remained consistent in the restaurant business for decades is complacency about mediocre service that permeates many restaurants through all levels of management to servers and support staff. Many restaurant guests are reluctant to complain about poor service, which only serves to encourage continued mediocrity and complacency about it. We can and must do better.

Show me a restaurant with consistently exceptional service, and I’ll show you an owner or senior manager that cares, is a true leader and leads by example.

So many restaurants are missing great opportunities to not only provide exceptional service, but to enjoy greater profits in the process.

Here’s what I believe.
Your restaurants deserve the reward that comes from knowing you’re providing exceptional service, the profits gained from higher sales, and greater loyalty from your staff and your guests. Your serving teams also deserve the training and coaching it takes to become sales & service professionals and to make more money.

Furthermore, our guests deserve better service, and you deserve the right to reap the reward of achieving all of the above.
There is a catch - it has to be earned.

A mentor once told me, “it takes longer to cook a bad steak than to cook a great one”. This, of course, is a metaphor for the fact that doing things right is easier than not. The big challenge is setting your goals high enough to achieve great things.

So, what are you waiting for?